Preventive Care Services

“Prevention is better than cure”..
It feels counter intuitive to screen for health problems when there are no signs of it, but some life style diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar and many others, hardly show serious symptoms in their early onset. It is prudent to detect potential health problems in its early stages so that corrective measures can be taken before it becomes a full blown disease.
At Anand we have long recognised the value of preventive care and created affordable preventive care services to encourage people to take up routine annual health checks.

preventive care services
Helping assess your personal health status to ensure better health for you

You can get a complete personal health assessment with our preventive care health screening packages that are designed to give you an overall picture of your health in a trouble free manner. Some of the screening packages come with physician consultation, so you can get your overall health assessment done in one place.Our executive master health check is the most comprehensive preventive screening solution offered and is intended to provide complete insight into every aspect of your personal health and well being. All tests are run with high quality consumables and processed using modern equipments. We adhere to uncompromising standards to deliver quality assessment of your health status.

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